Fmr. Republican leaders accuse Florida GOP of voter suppression

Two former top Republicans in Florida are speaking out and accusing the state’s GOP of passing a law last year that was designed to limit the Democratic turnout, not to curb voter fraud.

That law lead to confusion on election day and long voting lines.

One of those leaders making allegations is Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer.

“When those consultants approached me about putting forth election changes to the law that would benefit the election party, I didn’t agree to it,” Greer said. “If you’ll note after Christ was forced out after I was forced out, they all got together, and in 2010 is when they passed the election laws.”

The Republican Party of Florida buck Greer’s allegations and tells OutFront ?that “Jim Greer’s claims are false and details keep changing.”

OutFront tonight: CNN Contributor Roland Martin and?Noelle Nikpour, Republican strategist Op-ed Page Columnist, Sun Sentinel.


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